Heyy,its me on vacation in Tennesse… HEY THAT RHYMED!!!
So,anyway,I found a cool game called MagiQuest!!!
Its where you pick out a wand ($25.00)and,IF YOU WANT TO, a Topper ($9.99,extra)and you get to go on Quests and be a W I Z A R D ! ! !
Me and my brother , Trey , are level 4 MASTERS!!!Thats because we did each Quest 1 time.
Ill try to post are wands ASAP.

P.S. Remember, the topper is on the far RIGHT> side.
P.S.S. The first time you play you get 30 min. FREE!
P.S.S.S.Each game costs $10.99(an hour).

Ben10 03


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